Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Lost Post Card Play!

Special Delivery- a postcard play by Eric Gilyard

The set: An old Victorian style parlor. Two elderly men sit in similar high backed chairs. Between them is a table with a vase of flowers and a Tiffany style lamp Stage left, there is a large wooden door with a mail slot in it.

Old Man 1: Today’s the day, you know.
Old Man 2: Yes, I know.
OM1: The new genocide law goes into effect.
OM2: I know.
OM1: Everyone over the age of 65 has got to die today.
OM2: Hard to believe people voted for that.
OM1: It was the goddamned youth vote! More people under the age of 25 voted in this election than ever before.
OM2: And look where that got us!
OM1: I wonder how they’ll do it.
OM2: I hear they’re gonna sneak up on us in our sleep.
OM1: Leave it to the government to interrupt a good night’s sleep!

They laugh until they hear a knock at the door. They look at the door, and then each other then back at the door. Two small cards are pushed through the mail slot.

OM1: Oh, It’s just the mail.
OM2: A tad earlier than usual. (Looking at his pocket watch)
OM1 gets up goes to door and collects mail
OM2: What is it?
OM1: Postcard. There’s one for you too. Hands postcard to OM2 then sits.

They both read silently.

OM1: Well, I’ll be! They certainly found an efficient way to do it.
OM2: “quick and painless” the card says...
OM1: They deliver everything else nowadays, so why not ...a poisoned postcard?

The two men slump over dead.


Sunday, October 21, 2007