Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stairwell Gallery Drawing Show!

Here's what I put in for the drawing show at the Stairwell Gallery.

Text will be up soon!


*200 Five Second Stories

200 Five Second Stories

Contact: 1000shortstories@gmail.com

Local writers and story tellers are going to bust out 200 new short-short-short stories. It's going to be bonkers and wild.

The Readers:
Christina Lawrence
Robert Pickle
Muffy Brandt
Maralie Armstrong
Lizzy Hindman-Harvey
Julia Newman
Scott Reber
Kate Schapira
Chris Paddock

The Illustrators:
Mickey Zacchilli
Eli Monster.

5 Second Songs:
Amil Byleckie

And other outrageous surprises. This one will be bigger and better than ever. Come out!