Friday, December 4, 2009

*STORIES OF MUFFY brandt, SARAH reiter & JOANNA ruocco*

In related news 2nd BORING MONDAY is this Monday 12/7 at 7:30pm,
featuring stories by MUFFY BRANDT (undisputed #1 high-content text
messager in town; I have to watch pink flamingos, which I've never
seen, as homework for her reading, if that's meaningful to you), SARAH
REITER (we're both from northeast Pennsylvania, so during my early
years on the Internet at my parents' house, she was probably somewhere
within ten miles having experiences) and JOANNA RUOCCO (back in town;
her new novel The Mothering Coven is out on Ellipsis Press). Note the
slightly earlier start time, and that we're rethinking the space to
accommodate more people if we need to, so you don't have to be the mug
caught trying to hear things from the bathroom. Snacks will be served,
and it'll be over before any show happening at Mars would even start.
You don't need to let us know you're coming anymore, but call me if
you don't know where we live.